This exhibition is canceled【Special Exhibition】Traces of Reading(17/3/2020)

This exhibition is canceled.

We organize the Special Exhibition in commemoration of the 120th Anniversary of The Library of Economics, The University of Tokyo and the 100th Anniversary of Adam Smith’s Library.
This exhibition is also concurrently held with the International Adam Smith Society Tokyo Conference (15th-17th March 2020) at our Faculty.

【Special Exhibition】Traces of Reading : Hand-writing notes in Adam Smith’s Library

Date:  17th March 2020 Tue 11:00am – 5:00pm
Place: Kojima Conference Room in the Economic Research Annex (Kojima Hall), Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo
Host: The Library of Economics and the Resources and Historical Collections Office, Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo

Main exhibit (If you click titles, you can browse digital archives.)
Antiquities & scenery of the north of Scotland : in a series of letters to Thomas Pennant, Esqr.
Leviathan, or, The matter, forme, & power of a common-wealth, ecclesiasticall and civill
A treatise of human nature : being an attempt to introduce the experimental method of reasoning into moral subjects

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