Usage of the Shiryo-shitsu

At the Resources and Historical Collections Office (Shiryo-shitsu), you will be able to study historically significant rare books, semi-rare books, historical manuscripts and primary materials.  While we take great care in the preservation of these materials, they do degrade over time.  In order to allow future generations to study with these materials, we ask you to follow the guidelines below.  Those who do not respect these guidelines may be denied reading privileges.

Access and Entry

  1. Shiryo-shitsu service requests can be made during stacks services hours. However,there are cases where you are not able to use the materials (in use for exhibition, photographing, and internal research), please contact us beforehand. For those who do not belong to the UTokyo, we ask that you contact us by 4:00 pm on the last weekday prior to the day you would like to see the material.
  2. If you wish to use the material, please contact us via post, email, FAX or Application Form.
  3. Please store all of your belongings, except for valuables and items necessary for your research, in the lockers located near the entrance.
  4. Please note, users will be charged for lost keys.
  5. Upon entry, please present your letter of introduction, ID, etc. at the counter.
  6. Please notify the counter if you plan to use computers (laptops, tablets , etc.).
  7. We ask that you do not use your mobile phone in the Reading Room.  Please either turn it off or set it on silent mode upon entry.

Reading and Studying Materials

  1. Hours: Weekdays, 10:00-16:30 / Stacks Services: Weekdays, 10:00am-11:45am, 1:00pm-4:00pm
  2. Please fill in the necessary forms – Rare Books Usage Request Form, call slip, etc. For those who do not belong to the University of Tokyo, we will retain your ID while you study the materials.
  3. As a general rule, you may study up to 10 items or 5 cases of materials at one time.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly before you read the materials.  As a general rule, do not use white gloves.
  5. Handle materials on the designated desks, and please be careful with them.
  6. Only pencils are allowed while studying the materials – other writing instruments and erasers are not allowed. For paperweights, book markers and pencil sharpeners, please use only those which are made available in the Reading Room.
  7. When measuring materials, please use only cloth or vinyl tape measures.
  8. When studying western historical manuscripts, use the book rest, and avoid placing unnecessary force on the spine of the book.
  9. Do not manipulate the material from its original form – do not change orders, change folds, remove book marks, etc.
  10. Do not transcribe or take notes on top of the materials, do not turn pages with wet fingers, and do not stack materials on top of each other.
  11. For photocopies and photography of materials, please follow necessary procedures at the counter.  Photocopy requests close at 3:30pm.
  12. Services offered differ by material; please follow the instructions of the person in charge of Stacks Services.

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