Materials in Our Collection

Classifications and Responsibilities

Different materials are handled and housed in the main library and the Resources and Historical Collections Office(Shiryo-shitsu).

The general classifications and the responsibilities are as follows:

Types of Materials

Location / Responsibility

General Books Main Library
Periodicals Main Library
Statistics・White paper・Yearbooks Main Library
Recommended Books Main Library
Reference Books Main Library・Shiryo-shitsu
Rare Books In principle, books published prior to 1800 and manuscripts from before 1900 Shiryo-shitsu
Semi-Rare Books In principle, foreign language books published between 1801~1850, and Japanese language books between 1801 (Kyowa 1)-1887 (Meiji 20). Shiryo-shitsu
Special Materials Important materials (incl. artifacts) which are deemed to be academic resources/cultural assets, but are not included in the Rare Book/Semi-Rare Book classification above. Shiryo-shitsu
Theses, Dissertations Graduation Theses, Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations which were submitted to the Faculty of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics. Main Library: (Graduation Theses・Master’s Theses)
Shiryo-shitsu: (Doctoral Dissertations)
Others Items which are not classified in the above: digital materials, microfilms, etc. Main Library・Shiryo-shitsu

Find Out More on UTokyo OPAC

  1. Search for the material you need on UTokyo OPAC (see “Help” section for search methods)
  2. Check the “Location” and “Status” of the material.


The Location field indicates where the materials are held.

The material can be found in the main library if the Location field indicates:
  • Eco.Lib.
  • Eco.Lib.Reserved
  • Eco.Lib.Repository
Similarly, materials indicated as below can be found in the Shiryo-shitsu:
  • Eco.Lib.Resources
  • Eco.Lib.Vault

About “Eco.Lib.Repository”

As a general rule, only reproductions of books indicated as “Eco.Lib.Repository” can be studied.
If you need to study the original, please contact the Service Section ( beforehand.


If the Status field is empty, then the material can be used.  However, the material may become unavailable after the search was conducted due to loans, restorations, etc.

The material is unavailable if the Status field indicates the following:

  • On loan
  • under repair
  • on missing
  • Not for Loan (the material can be studied.)

Note: On Materials in the Resources and Historical Collections Office(Shiryo-shitsu)

Only a small part of the materials held in the Shiryo-shitsu can be searched on UTokyo OPAC because most of them are originals.

Before visiting us, please check UTokyo OPAC to see if the Shiryo-shitsu has the material you are looking for.

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