Documents of Ishikawa Ichiro

  • These are documents collected by Ishikawa Ichiro (1885-1970) who was the first chairman of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, better known as Keidanren.  He filed documents (1,156 items) on facilities and organizations related to Keidanren, from around 1940 to his resignation in 1956.
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  • 石川一郎文書目録 [Web版] (Ishikawa Ichiro monjo mokuroku [Web])
  • 『石川一郎文書仮目録 (Ishikawa Ichiro monjo kari mokuroku)』The Economic Documents Office, the Library of Economics, the Univ. of Tokyo, 1989.11
  • 『マイクロフィルム版石川一郎文書リール別収録概要目録 (maikurofirumu ban Ishikawa Ichiro monjo riiru betsu syuroku gaiyo mokuroku)』Yushodo, 2001.7
  • 『マイクロフィルム版石川一郎文書 (microfilm edtion Ishikawa Ichiro monjo)』Yushodo,2001.7
  • NAKAKITA Koji, YOSHIDA Kenji, eds.『片山・芦田内閣期経済復興運動資料 (Katayama, Ashida naikaku ki keizai fukko undo shiryo)』日本経済評論社 (Nihon Keizai Hyoron-sha), 2000-2001
    A part of his collection has been reprinted together with: “Congress of Industrial Unions of Japan Materials” and 鈴木茂三郎資料 Materials of Suzuki Mosaburo(Suzuki Mosaburo Shiryo)from the Ohara Institute for Social Research in Hosei University, 高野実文書 Documents of Takano Minoru(Takano Minoru Bunsho)from the Faculty of Economics at Shinshu University, 中江平次郎文書 Documents of Nakae Heijiro(Nakae Heijiro Bunsho)from the L-Library and 今津菊松資料Materials of Imazu Kikumatsu (Imazu Kikumatsu Shiryo) from the Hyogo Library of Labor.
  1. TAKEDA Haruhito「経営史料としての個人文書 : 石川一郎文書の整理に即して (keiei shiryo to shiteno kojin monjo : Ishikawa Ichiro monjo no seiri ni sokushite)
  2. TAKEDA Haruhito「『石川一郎文書』解説 (“Ishikawa Ichiro monjo” kaisetsu)」『マイクロフィルム版石川一郎文書リール別収録概要目録 (maikurofirumu ban Ishikawa Ichiro monjo riiru betsu syuroku gaiyo mokuroku)』Yushodo, 2001.7
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