Arisawa Collection (Records)

  • Materials previously owned by Emeritus Professor Arisawa Hiromi (1896-1988).
  • The collection consists of materials from government councils and from the process of designing post-WWII economic policies.  Two well-known items are: the “英米合作経済抗戦力調査(其一)” which is an analyses of the US and British military capability from an economic perspective, commissioned by the Imperial Army, and materials on the post-war priority production system.
  • Much of this collection has not been organized; materials which have been organized (83 titles, 37 items) are currently made public.
  • “英米合作経済抗戦力調査(其一)” is designated a Rare Book.
Searching the Catalogue
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    If you would like to browse, select Arisawa collection (Records) from the pull-down menu in the Collection field on Advanced Search of the UTokyo OPAC, then click the search button.
Digital Archives
  • 『英米合作経済抗戦力調査』其1および其2
Reprinted Version
  •  『資料・戦後日本の経済政策構想(全三巻) (shiryo sengo nihon no keizai seisaku koso. 3vols.)』University of Tokyo Press, 1990.5
    ※Volume II, with a selection of key items from the Arisawa Collection has been reissued.
  1. HARA Akira「有澤廣巳 (Arisawa Hiromi)」『近現代日本人物史料情報辞典 [1] (kindai nihon jinbutsu shiryo joho jiten [1])』Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 2004.7
  2. AKIMARU Jiro「秋丸機関の顛末 (Akimaru kikan no tenmatsu)」”ECO-FORUM” 16(4), 1998.3
  3. ARISAWA Hiromi「軍国主義の旗の下で (gunkoku shugi no hata no motode)」”ECO-FORUM” 16(4), 1998.3
  4. SAITO Nobuyoshi ‘Japanese “Victory Plan” and “The Akimaru Agency”‘ “Shien : The Journal of Historical Studies, Rikkyo University” 60(1), 1999.10
  5. MAKINO Kuniaki『戦時下の経済学者 (senjika no keizai gakusha)』Chuokoron-Shinsha, 2010.6
Related Collections
  • Foreign language books within this collection are made public as the “Arisawa Collection (Books)“.
  • Of note, intrinsically associated with the Rare Book designated “英米合作経済抗戦力調査(其一)” are the Akimaru Materials and various reports on military capability analyses.
  • From his collection, books in Japanese are held by the library of the Institute of Japanese Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
  • Resources and Historical Collections Office

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