【Caution】 Please be careful of phishing mail about MyOPAC Service(Information Technology Center)

Please be careful of phishing mail about MyOPAC Service.
The transmitted mail is the following. Please do not click URL in the e-mail and do not correspond.
(A domain name has “jpi1.in” and it is not the University of Tokyo domain.)
If you have logged in from URL written on e-mail, please change a password promptly on regular website.
From: ******@ulberta.ca
Date: Sunday, April 19, 2015
To: ******@###.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Dear Dr. ****** ,

I recently read your last article and It’s very useful in my field of
I wonder, if possible, to send me this article to use in my current


Thanks for you Cooperation in Advance.


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