Wakimura Collection

  • Japanese and foreign language books (approx. 5,000 books) previously owned by Emeritus Professor Wakimura Yoshitaro (1900-1997).
  • Some in this collection are designated as Rare or Semi-rare books, or as Special Material (the Status field on UTokyo OPAC will indicate “etc.2”).
Searching the Catalogue
  • This can be searched on UTokyo OPAC. The name “Wakimura Collection” will appear in the Collection field.
    If you would like to browse, select Wakimura Collection in the pull-down menu in the Collection field, then click the search button.
  • HANAOKA Yukihiro「『脇村義太郎旧蔵書』の受け入れについて (“Wakimura Yoshitaro kyuzosho” no ukeire nitsuite)」”The University of Tokyo Library System Bulletin” 39(1), 2000.2
  • About using the general books: Service Section
  • About the Rare books, Semi-rare books and Special Materials: Resources and Historical Collections Office

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