Corporate Histories / Histories of Organizations

  • The Library of Economics at the University of Tokyo has made continual efforts in gathering the histories of organizations, especially corporate histories and labor union histories.  The library houses approximately 12,000 items of Corporate History and 1,700 items of Labor Union History; many of these were not for sale and were not commercially distributed.  This rare collection offers insights into the historical development of modern industry from the perspective of corporations and the laborers.
  • If the condition of an original is not ideal due to deterioration, a substitute (microfilms, etc.) is available for studying.
Searching the Catalogue
  • UTokyo OPAC
    Call numbers for Corporate Histories begin with 80-D, and Labor Union Histories begin with 80-G.
  • Japan Business History Institute, eds.『会社史総合目録 増補・改訂版 (kaishashi sogo mokuroku. zoho kaitei ban)』Maruzen, 1996.10
    For materials acquired later than FY 2008, please see 会社史・経済団体史総合目録 追録 (kaishashi, keizaidantaishi sogomokuroku tsuiroku) which is the addendum to the above.
  • 日本の会社史マイクロ版集成 (Nippon no kaishashi microfilm editoin shusei). Maruzen,  [199-]
    【Call Number:  mf07:W25:2-1~51】
    The microfilms mentioned above include only those which were photographed from the originals in this Library.
  • Further, some substitutes were developed on an ad-hoc basis due to deterioration of the original.
  • Service Section
  • The Shiryo-shitsu also collects materials accumulated during the compilation of Corporate Histories and drafts of Corporate Histories.  For more details on these, please contact the Shiryo-shitsu.


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