Annual report collection (Former Commercial Materials Library)

  • Annual Reports from Japanese Enterprises can now be viewed as digital graphics on J-DAC (limited to terminals within the University of Tokyo.)
  • The collection of annual reports in the Graduate School of Economics began when the Commercial Materials Library (which evolved into the Shiryo-shitsu) was founded in the College of Law in 1913.  While there were losses to fire due to the Great Kanto Earthquake, the collection now has approximately 8,900 annual reports including those from the original Commercial Materials Library as well as reports which were previously owned by the Industry Club of Japan and Toyo Keizai Incorporated.
  • Annual Reports can also be found as a part of Special Materials, i.e. designated corporate materials.  For these, please search via the catalogue of each collection.  Engel allows broad searches across collections to a certain degree.
  • Further, there are those which were collected in reproduced form, such as microfilms.  For these, please see the section on Reproductions.
  • As a general rule, these materials can only be studied by using reproductions(microfilms or J-DAC) in the main library reading room.
    *For using the microfilm, reservation is required.
Digital Archives
Searching Catalogue
  • Engel
    Annual reports in this library and most of those in the Collected Annual Reports of Major Companies in Japan: Series 1-9 (sold by Yushodo) can be searched.


  1. 『営業報告書目録増補版(産業分類順) (eigyo hokokusho mokuroku zoho ban. sangyo bunrui jun)』The Library of Economics, the Univ. of Tokyo, 1997.6
  2. 『営業報告書目録増補版(会社名順) (eigyo hokokusho mokuroku zoho ban. kaishamei jun)』The Library of Economics, the Univ. of Tokyo, 1997.6
  3. 『マイクロフィルム版営業報告書集成総目録 (maikurofirumu ban eigyo hokokusho shusei somokuroku)』Yushodo, 1996.11
  4. 『マイクロフィルム版営業報告書集成収録書総目録 第6集~第9集 (maikurofirumu ban eigyo hokokusho shusei shurokusho somokuroku)』Yushodo, 1998.9-2008.7
  1. TAKEDA Haruhito ‘Annual Report Collection : its gathering and conversion of media’ “Annual Bulletin of Resources and Historical Collections Office (shiryo-shitsu), The Library of Economics, The University of Tokyo” 3, 2013.3
  • The microfilm of “Collected Annual Reports of Major Companies in Japan: Series 1-9”, Yushodo
    Within the above, Series 5, 8 and 9 are those photographed directly from the collection in this library.  The other microfilms are taken from materials held by other institutions, thus may not always be a word-for-word match to the originals held by this library.  Further, the compilation strategy changed somewhat from Volume 6, and thus prospectuses and articles of incorporation are not photographed for Volumes 1-5.  Thus if you need to study the original due to these circumstances, please contact the Shiryo-shitsu
  • Other Reproductions
    There are microfilms which were photographed and accrued by the Graduate School of Economics, and other reprints which were commercially available.  These can be searched with UTokyo OPAC.
  • About using the reproductions: Service Section
  • About the original documents: Resources and Historical Collections Office

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