Owen’s Library

  1. Primary sources such as manuscripts by Robert Owen (1771-1858)
  2. Newspapers and periodicals regarding Owenism.
  3. Books written by Owenites and research books on Owen.
Searching the Catalogue
  • You can search this on UTokyo OPAC.  The name “Owen’s Library” will appear in the Collection field.
    If you would like to browse, select Owen’s library from the pull-down menu in the Collection field on Advanced Search of the UTokyo OPAC, then click the search button.
  • GOTO Shigeru「東京大学経済学部図書館新購入のRobert Owen Collection (Tokyo daigaku keizai gakubu toshokan shinkonyu no Robert Owen Collection)」『新訂 ロバアト・オウエン著作史豫備的考察 : ロバアト・オウエン文献学的研究論考(II・完) (shintei Robert Owen chosakushi yobiteki kosatsu : Robert Owen bunkengakuteki kenkyu ronko II)』”The Center for Historical Social Science Literature” Hitotsubashi University, 1996.10
  • Resources and Historical Collections Office

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