Other Historical Manuscripts Under the Former Classification

  • This collection includes the following: records on silk (gofuku-cho), cotton/linen materials (futomono-cho) and general ledger (shime-age-cho) for a shop (name unknown) from 1831-1853, account books from the Nawayatana Store from the end of the Edo period, deeds (oki-shomon-dome) on the Tokugawa Shogunate properties in the Oshu Domain that were submitted to the treasury department of the Tokugawa Government (Edo Bakufu Kanjosho), a petition by the wholesalers association handling salt shipped to Edo from the Setouchi area (Kudarishio-Nakagai-Nakama) (1792-93), and 79 documents regarding female workers of the Meiji period silk reeling company Katakuragumi.
  • 『文書室所蔵文書目録 (monjo shitsu shozo monjo mokuroku)』 Historical Documents of Economic, the Library of Economics, the University of Tokyo, 2007.3
  • 日本塩業大系編集委員会 (Nippon engyo taikei henshu iinkai)『日本塩業史大系 史料編近世(三) (Nippon engyoshi taikei. shiryohen kinsei. 3)』Japan Monopoly Corporation, 1977.3
  • Resources and Historical Collections Office

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