5-Z Classified Historical Manuscripts

  • Among materials classified and stored as Classification 5 (economic history, economic situations, (Japan)) at the main library, these are documents and printed/handwritten copies (418 items) from the early modern/modern period were reclassified as Classification 5-Z (Historical Manuscripts).
  • The collection mainly consists of materials purchased from antique bookstores between the end of the Taisho era to early Showa era, and is believed to be collected by Faculty of Economics Professor Emeritus Tsuchiya Takao.
  • Contents are diverse, but there are some that are in substantial groups, such as the Tokorono-mura in Tsugagun, Shimotsuke-no-kuni (currently Nikko City, Tochigi) Documents.
  • 『文書室所蔵文書目録 (monjo shitsu shozo monjo mokuroku)』Historical Documents of Economic, the Library of Economics, the Univ. of Tokyo, 2007.3
  • Resources and Historical Collections Office

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