Maita Collection

  • Previously owned by Maita Kenzo (-1982).
  • 247 documents from the Steel Control Association and steel manufacturers on the domestic iron and steel industry and other related materials, collected from the Meiji period to early post WWII.
  • Trade publications about the steel industry (7 titles)
  • Materials related to the compilation of the corporate history of Japan Iron and Steel Company, Ltd. are on microfilms, along with similar materials in other collections.
  • Reproductions of microfilms can be studied in the main library reading room.
    *For using the microfilm, reservation is required.
  • Trade publications about the steel industry can be studied in the main library reading room.
  • The originals of the sections which have been digitally archived are hectograph prints; they cannot be studied, given their vulnerability to light.
Searching the Catalogue
  • You can search this on UTokyo OPAC.  The name “Maita collection” will appear in the Collection field.
    If you would like to browse, select Maita collection from the pull-down menu in the Collection field on Advanced Search of the UTokyo OPAC, then click the search button.
Digital Archives
  • [『日本製鐵株式會社史』編纂関係資料マイクロフィルム (“Nihon seitetsu kabushiki gaishashi” hensan kankei shiryo. microfilm)]
  1. HARA Akira「本邦製鉄関係資料(真板資料)について (honpo seitetsu kankei shiryo (Maita shiryo) ni tsuite)」”The University of Tokyo Library System Bulletin” 28(7/8), 1989.8
Related Collections
  • About using the trade publications about the steel industry and the microfilm: Service Section
  • About the original documents: Resources and Historical Collections Office

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