Calcium Superphosphate Industry Association Collection

  • These are materials related to the pre-WWII production adjustment and price controls of the chemical (fertilizer) industry.  Specifically, it is 106 files regarding trade associations and cartels such as the Artificial Fertilizer League(Jinzo Hiryo Rengokai), the Superphosphate Industry Association (Karinsan Dogyosha-kai), the Federation of Synthetic Fertilizers (Karinsan Renmei-kai), the Superphosphate Fertilizer Producers Association (Karinsan Hiryo Seizogyo Kumiai), the Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association (Rinsan Hiryo Kogyo Kumiai), and the Superphosphate of Lime Producers Association (Karinsan Sekkai Seizogyo Kumiai).
Searching the Catalogue
  • This can be searched on UTokyo OPAC.  On the Comments field of the search results(book details), “過燐酸肥料工業ニ関スル資料” will appear.
    To browse, please search for “過燐酸肥料工業ニ関スル資料” on UTokyo OPAC.
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