Inoue Kaoru collection

  • These are materials (181 items) related to the biography of Inoue Kaoru (1836-1915), the respected statesman who contributed to the Meiji Restoration: drafts of the biography, materials collected during the writing and compilation of the biography.
  • These were originally considered to be a part of the drafts/materials of 世外井上公傳/(segai Inoue ko den) (Naigai Shoseki, 1933-1934), but recent studies have indicated that the materials were more likely to be collected for 明治初年ノ財政ト井上公/(Meiji shonen no zaisei to Inoue ko), which was planned prior to Segai Inoue-Ko Den.
Searching the Catalogue
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  1. KANZAKI Katsuichiro「井上馨 (Inoue Kaoru)」『近現代日本人物史料情報辞典 [1] (kingendai nippon jinbutsu shiryo joho jiten, 1)』Yoshikawa Kobun-kan, 2004.7
  2. SHIMOJU Naoki「『稿本井上馨伝』編纂事業についての基礎的考察 : 伝記資料の史料学的考察から (“kohon Inoue Kaoru den” hensan jigyo ni tsuite no kisoteki kosatsu : denki shiryo no siryogakuteki kosatsu kara)」”Historical Sources of Modern Japan” 7, 2007.10
Related Collections
  • 「井上候伝記編纂関係史料 (Inoue ko denki hensan kankei shiryo)」held by Mitsui Bunko.
    It is likely that these documents and documents at the Mitsui Bunko comprised the total collection.  Some of the thin booklets are divided between the two institutions.
  • 「井上侯爵家ヨリ交附書類 (Inoue koshakuke yori kofu shorui)」held by Mitsui Bunko.
  • Documents relating to Inoue Kaoru” held by Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room, NDL.
  • Resources and Historical Collections Office

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